Thursday, June 10, 2010

Race For Awesomeness

The “Race for Awesomeness” – appropriate name.

So last Saturday, I had an interesting day to say the least – it all started when I read on Facebook that my friend Shannon was heading to the South.

An innocent, “Oh, where are you heading?” from me was when I learned that Shannon was heading from NJ to NC to run a race near Asheville, (3-4 hour drive from home).

A couple of text messages later, and the next thing I know, I am washing my running clothes (I had just got home from a 8.5 mile trail run) – and getting ready to head west to participate in the 12 hr “Race for Awesomeness” with Shannon and we would also meet Ray K there. The race was a 24 hr race, with a daytime 12 hr run and a night time 12hr run, which started at 10pm.

Once I had arrived, met with Shannon and her parents, I set up my tent and pretty soon we were getting ready to run.

The race was a relatively flat loop (not entirely flat though), mixed trails – some single track, some wide grassy trails, and some trail covered in wood chip. Very pleasant trail, generally great running surfaces all around.

Once we started, it became apparent that the best plan was to have no plan – and we did well sticking to that plan. It was just fun. After each loop, took a break (not entirely deserved, but we rested anyway) – and each time our breaks got longer and longer. For a while, we ran with Robert, who was running his first ultra (he did well, and ran a double marathon in the 24 hr run) – I think between Ray’s stories of ultras past, Shannon’s last minute decision to go and 10 hr drive to be there, and my diet (I fuelled on fried chicken, watermelon and Robert even gave me a beer after 21 miles) –he will either be totally hooked to this crazy sport, or scared off for life! (I predict though he will be researching 100 milers by the end of the week).

So, bottom line, we got in 27 miles, and then went to sleep for a while – but above all, I had fun, hung out with some great people, and did nothing that would "bollox up the Boogie"