Sunday, April 20, 2014

The secret of making the perfect breakfast burrito


First an injury update. I have taken two weeks off, my foot felt good, so I ran some Friday. Saturday, back to pain. Sunday, no pain so I ran again. So, I think that is the plan – run when it doesn’t hurt because it seems whether I rest or don’t, this plantar fasciitis is not going to heal any quicker.

Anyway, enough about that, you didn’t click to read about me.

So, here is how you make the perfect breakfast burrito.

1. Cook bacon. Feel free to add any other processed pork product you wish. I prefer floppy bacon.  (Top ten tip, start cooking the bacon in a little water, it will start rendering while the water is evaporating).

2. While bacon is cooking, dice up a potato into 1/4” dices

3. Remove bacon, and put aside. HERE IS THE AMAZING SECRET. Add about 3/4” inch of water to the pan you cooked the bacon in, and boil the potatoes in this bacon flavored water. You see, as the spuds soften up, they absorb this delicious bacon-y goodness. But, there is more – as the water evaporates, the bacon elixir gets more and more concentrated! YOU ARE MAKING BACON FLAVORED POTATOES!! Keep cooking, and just before the water has all evaporated, add diced onion and sliced mushroom, and the mushroom will also absorb the concentrated bacon soup. Finally, all the water will be absorbed and evaporated and you can crisp us the spuds and caramelize the onion. Now is the time to add jalapenos if you want them.

4. Remove potato mix, and cook egg in same pan – just as the egg is starting to solidify, fold in the bacon and the potato mix. Add hot sauce or salsa if you like.

5. Add to flour tortilla, grate some sharp cheddar, roll it up and enjoy the most awesome burrito on earth.

6. Don’t forget to add a lettuce leaf to the plate so it can be classed as a salad

photo 2

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to run 100 miles with plantar fasciitis and no training -Number 2 will inspire you

1. You can't run 100 miles with plantar fasciitis and no training. Or at least I can't. Truth of the matter is, it was always going to be a stretch.  But LOL and WTF? and all of that stuff, plus an OMFG for good measure

2. HA HA HA!!!! CLICK BAIT!! You fell for it again! :)

3. I did get my 50th ultramarathon finish, 5 years to the day after I got my first one. That's very cool.

4. Umstead, as always is an awesome event.

5. It was so fantastically awesome to catch up with so many friends. I love living in CA, but I truly miss y'all

6. I can be such a dumb ass. I lost my laptop on the flight to NC. Duh. So I'm typing this on kindle on a plane on the way home. It's a pain, and does a lot of auto-correcting, I may miss some typos, sorry. Oh well.

7. It is a blast hanging out at the main aid station through the night.

8. I had decided to make my 6th Umstead my last one. It seemed fitting, what with being the 50th ultra and all. I changed my mind as soon got there on Friday. So, I will see you next year.

9. Thank you to all of you fantastic volunteers, you are who make this event so special to me.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A list about Umstead. Number 7 will amaze and shock you!


  1. I haven’t written a post for ages. Ooops. I blame that on the fact that I don’t spend anywhere near as much time on planes as I used to. I am on a plane now.
  2. Umstead was my first ultramarathon, April 5th 2009. 50 miles.
  3. 5 years later (to the day), it will be my 6th Umstead, my 50th ultra and my 70th of 26.2 or above. I didn’t plan it that way, worked out well though.
  4. My record at Umstead is mixed, some successes, some failures as follows:
    1. 2009 – went for 50. Got 50
    2. 2010 – went for 100. Got 100.
    3. 2011 – went for 100. Got a cold, and got 50
    4. 2012 – went for 100. Got 62.5, a 50 mile PR and strained Achilles
    5. 2013 – went for 50. Got 50. But slower than I needed to get Western States qualifier.
  5. I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for the last 6 weeks or so. It sucks. I have averaged just about 2 miles a week since then and a daily 1 mile walk with the dogs. I am showing up this time well and truly undertrained. I am going to see how far stubbornness, and the company of good friends at the back will get me. And math. My walks with the dogs take 17 minutes. Do that 99 more times and I will finish under 29 hours.
  6. Some of the best people I have ever met will be running, volunteering or just hanging out at Umstead. I didn’t know any of them that day in April 2009 – by the end of that day, I had met many new friends, and learned about the Mangum Track Club. That day changed my life. Thank you Umstead.
  7. Really? WTF? LOL!! CLICK BAIT. You fell for it! LOL. (Yeah – I know, I keep falling for it too, it’s getting old isn’t it?)
  8. If I finish, I will have 32 tickets in the draw for Western States, giving me an 80% chance of being selected for WS in June 2015
  9. There are still 3 rocks under the tree at the top of Effing Hill (I think), there were 8, I put them there before the race in 2012 – I collected one after each of my 5 loops that year. I still have them, and look forward to collecting the remaining 3 after laps 6, 7 and 8 and bringing them home.
  10. Toe Break Ridge, Pee Tree and Two Mile Tree are three places that I named in Umstead State Park, and they never stuck, and I am the only person who probably remembers where those places are. If you run with me, I will point them out to you. And then test you in subsequent years.
  11. Almost every year, as soon as I pass the “1 mile” marker, I overhear someone who says “Ha ha, only 99 more to go. HA HA!”. Yeah, ha fucking ha. It wasn’t funny the first time.
  12. Umstead is an amazing race, I am looking forward to #6, and regardless of how it ends, I am excited to be back and look forward to catching up with some awesome people.
  13. Cheers!