Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to run 100 miles with plantar fasciitis and no training -Number 2 will inspire you

1. You can't run 100 miles with plantar fasciitis and no training. Or at least I can't. Truth of the matter is, it was always going to be a stretch.  But LOL and WTF? and all of that stuff, plus an OMFG for good measure

2. HA HA HA!!!! CLICK BAIT!! You fell for it again! :)

3. I did get my 50th ultramarathon finish, 5 years to the day after I got my first one. That's very cool.

4. Umstead, as always is an awesome event.

5. It was so fantastically awesome to catch up with so many friends. I love living in CA, but I truly miss y'all

6. I can be such a dumb ass. I lost my laptop on the flight to NC. Duh. So I'm typing this on kindle on a plane on the way home. It's a pain, and does a lot of auto-correcting, I may miss some typos, sorry. Oh well.

7. It is a blast hanging out at the main aid station through the night.

8. I had decided to make my 6th Umstead my last one. It seemed fitting, what with being the 50th ultra and all. I changed my mind as soon got there on Friday. So, I will see you next year.

9. Thank you to all of you fantastic volunteers, you are who make this event so special to me.

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