Sunday, April 20, 2014

The secret of making the perfect breakfast burrito


First an injury update. I have taken two weeks off, my foot felt good, so I ran some Friday. Saturday, back to pain. Sunday, no pain so I ran again. So, I think that is the plan – run when it doesn’t hurt because it seems whether I rest or don’t, this plantar fasciitis is not going to heal any quicker.

Anyway, enough about that, you didn’t click to read about me.

So, here is how you make the perfect breakfast burrito.

1. Cook bacon. Feel free to add any other processed pork product you wish. I prefer floppy bacon.  (Top ten tip, start cooking the bacon in a little water, it will start rendering while the water is evaporating).

2. While bacon is cooking, dice up a potato into 1/4” dices

3. Remove bacon, and put aside. HERE IS THE AMAZING SECRET. Add about 3/4” inch of water to the pan you cooked the bacon in, and boil the potatoes in this bacon flavored water. You see, as the spuds soften up, they absorb this delicious bacon-y goodness. But, there is more – as the water evaporates, the bacon elixir gets more and more concentrated! YOU ARE MAKING BACON FLAVORED POTATOES!! Keep cooking, and just before the water has all evaporated, add diced onion and sliced mushroom, and the mushroom will also absorb the concentrated bacon soup. Finally, all the water will be absorbed and evaporated and you can crisp us the spuds and caramelize the onion. Now is the time to add jalapenos if you want them.

4. Remove potato mix, and cook egg in same pan – just as the egg is starting to solidify, fold in the bacon and the potato mix. Add hot sauce or salsa if you like.

5. Add to flour tortilla, grate some sharp cheddar, roll it up and enjoy the most awesome burrito on earth.

6. Don’t forget to add a lettuce leaf to the plate so it can be classed as a salad

photo 2

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