Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Boogie - prep and goals.

The Boogie 50 is just a little over three weeks away

I am wondering if this is wise to go public with my aims for the run- as can often happen, I may set a goal and fail spectacularly, and look like an idiot.

That being said, I am prepared to look a fool - so here goes:

I want a 50 mile PR.

I see no reason why I can't do it - I know the distance, I know the course, and I know and appreciate the weather conditions. That is about as close to 'being in the comfort zone' as it can get. My current PR is 11:26 - which is what I ran on my way to my first 100 mile finish at Boulder. Next best time is 11:32, on my way to a 100 at Umstead at the end of March. I have only done two 50 mile races - one was Umstead 2009, my time was 11:48, and the other was Zane Grey, where I DNF'd.

I am going to go one step further - sure, a PR is one thing, but based on the way the Enoree Passage 40 went, I am going to raise the stakes some - yep, I would like a sub 11 finish.

So there you have it. I have said it. Sub 11.

Of course, I reserve the right to adjust the target as I am going along, and as always, finishing alive is always the first target - and if I can finish with a smile, regardless of the time, I will still be happy.

So, what have I been doing in order to help me with those ambitious times? Speed work. Yessireee, speedwork. Fartlek, tempo and just plain trying to run faster than normal.

Heat training - NC is hot in mid June, so I drive home with my heater on full blast. I have a little temp gauge - it gets to about 110 in the car. No idea if that will help or not, but we will see. I also plan to sit in my attic a few times when it is really hot outside. At a guess, it gets to be 120 or more up there. Who needs a sauna when you have an attic in NC eh???

Finally, my last long run will be tomorrow night where I plan to run at least 40 miles at the American Cancer Relay for life in Pittsboro.  10 easy, 20 pushing, 10 recovery is the goal. It's a good cause too. Here is my page

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Enoree Passage 40 miler - The anatomy of when it all goes right.

Short version:

Beautiful course
Comfort Zone
Nice People
Holy crap, didn't know I could run that fast.

Slightly longer version

Some days things just go better than planned. When I arrived in South Carolina, I had no particular goals in mind, but as I stood at the start line, I figured, "9 hours would be a good time, but whatever.......". If I translate the pace of a 9 hr finish into a 50 miler, then that would give me a PR for 50. As I left, I set my "secret dream time" to 8:30.

As usual, I walked the first half mile or so, with just the occasional jog - but after Zane Grey, I was really happy to be back in my comfort zone. The single track was very much like I train on at Jordan Lake, and weather was just about as perfect a day as the Carolinas can offer.

For the first 10 miles or so, I was really happy plodding along toward the back, I was in no hurry, the RD, Terri Hayes promotes "No Cut Off Times", which given my experience at Zane Grey, really made me happy.

Somewhere around mile 10-12, I hung out with a Marathon Maniac, Rae, and her dog Rita for a while. Rita was incredibly impressive, she was off leash and just the perfect trail running dog - I don't think she got more that 20' from Rae's side. I chatted with Rae for a while - and wished that Wilbur and Sarah were just as well behaved as Rita.

Somewhere around mile 14???? I found myself hanging out with Psyche. Except at the time, I didn't know it was her - she had posted here just before the race. I really enjoyed chatting with her - to me it was obvious  that she "got" ultras and trail races - this was her first I believe. On her blog, she even called me a "gentleman". Last time I was called that, it was preceded with "Last Call Please....."

Sometime after the 15 mile aid station, maybe mile 16 or so, I got a second wind that almost took me to the finish line. I deserted Psyche (sorry my friend, nothing personal :)), and found myself running alone. It was at this point I made a decision that I was going to race this thing, and push hard - it seemed I was venting some of the pent up frustrations that had haunted me since ZG - I needed to prove to myself that I can do this UltraRunning stuff, and that I do have the endurance to run long distances. I figured the worst that  could happen is that I blow up, and I death march home. I found myself running miles under 11 minutes, I even found myself  running up hills.... crazy or what!! Each aid station was a quick turnaround, no sitting down, then GO JIMBO GO!! I was fuelling on Hammer gels, Clip2 and water - no solid food at all.

Of course, this kind of crazy pace can't go on forever, shortly before the 35 mile aid station, I ran out of steam, I always felt sure that this was going to happen, but to be honest, I am pleasantly suprised at how long my second wind lasted.

Finally I was finished, at 8:21. Let me say that again. 8:21. Holy crap Jimbo. Translating that into a 50 mile time, I would have take about 45 minutes off of my PR. Of course, now I am worried that I will set myself unrealistic expectations for the Boogie.

So, to conclude......... loved the trails, enjoyed meeting new people (and dog), and I signed up for Terri's race in September. Very happy. Very.

It was on trails like this that I really picked up the pace - this was probably at about 23 miles or so.

Typical - just like I am used to at Jordan Lake

Done. really could have done with a beer at this point.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Update - Enoree Passage 40 miler

Great race, well and truly in my comfort zone. Time was 8:21 - way faster than I anticipated.

I will write more in a day or two.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Running Hope Through America

On Wednesday Raleigh NC was the distination for the "Running Hope Through America". I had the great honor and privelige to hang out with Lisa Smith-Batchen for 21 of her 50 miles for the day. It was neat that Lisa remembered me from the Grand Tetons Races where I helped crew for my friend Frankie, and also paced the 100 mile women's winner. Lisa is running 50 miles in 50 states in 62 days - I have no doubt that she will finish her quest. I am now thinking seriously about doing the GTR 50 miler in September......... watch this space!

You can learn more about the journey and the reasons behond their journey here: