Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Boogie - prep and goals.

The Boogie 50 is just a little over three weeks away

I am wondering if this is wise to go public with my aims for the run- as can often happen, I may set a goal and fail spectacularly, and look like an idiot.

That being said, I am prepared to look a fool - so here goes:

I want a 50 mile PR.

I see no reason why I can't do it - I know the distance, I know the course, and I know and appreciate the weather conditions. That is about as close to 'being in the comfort zone' as it can get. My current PR is 11:26 - which is what I ran on my way to my first 100 mile finish at Boulder. Next best time is 11:32, on my way to a 100 at Umstead at the end of March. I have only done two 50 mile races - one was Umstead 2009, my time was 11:48, and the other was Zane Grey, where I DNF'd.

I am going to go one step further - sure, a PR is one thing, but based on the way the Enoree Passage 40 went, I am going to raise the stakes some - yep, I would like a sub 11 finish.

So there you have it. I have said it. Sub 11.

Of course, I reserve the right to adjust the target as I am going along, and as always, finishing alive is always the first target - and if I can finish with a smile, regardless of the time, I will still be happy.

So, what have I been doing in order to help me with those ambitious times? Speed work. Yessireee, speedwork. Fartlek, tempo and just plain trying to run faster than normal.

Heat training - NC is hot in mid June, so I drive home with my heater on full blast. I have a little temp gauge - it gets to about 110 in the car. No idea if that will help or not, but we will see. I also plan to sit in my attic a few times when it is really hot outside. At a guess, it gets to be 120 or more up there. Who needs a sauna when you have an attic in NC eh???

Finally, my last long run will be tomorrow night where I plan to run at least 40 miles at the American Cancer Relay for life in Pittsboro.  10 easy, 20 pushing, 10 recovery is the goal. It's a good cause too. Here is my page

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  1. Way to put it out there! Committment is everything.

    By now, that last 40M is in the bank. As I see it, the preparation is done. Now all there is to do is claim the victory.

    (Then show up on the 27th at the Red SHirt Run and tell me about it:))