Thursday, March 4, 2010

Injury Update

On Monday, I went for a follow up visit to the hand doctor. An X-ray revealed that the fractures weren't healing properly, in fact, it looked like the break was getting bigger. The doctor basically gave me one option. Surgery to pin the bones back together.

That happened yesterday - I had never had surgery before, so I was quite nervous. All went fairly smoothly I suppose. Above is the x-ray they took afterwards, you can clearly see the wires (6" nails) that they used to pin it together.

Not sure how long I won't be able to run for - my post-op follow up appontment is next week. I'm guessing no sooner than that, and right now it's pretty painful (even with the vicodin!). Although I am hoping to go for a couple of walks this weekend instead.

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  1. To minimize the risk of infection, apply alcohol. I suggest the application be internally applied. Rx of choice . . . beer. Good luck!