Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On streaking

Streaking part 1

I am not really a streaker, I don't HAVE to run every day. But when I am on a roll, and have gone a few days without taking a rest day, I do like to track it, and compare the current streak to previous streaks.

If you don't know, a streak is the number of days you have run at least a mile.

As it stands, my current streak is 32 days, 275 miles, and has included an 86 mile week, a 50, 2 x 31, 26 and 20 mile runs, and an 8lb weight loss. My previous best streak was during the weeks leading up to Umstead and was 19 days and 173 miles.

I don't think there is any particular benefit to this, except that, when I do have a streak going, it does motivate me to get out there and train. I am not sure when I will next take a rest day. Certainly I will be taking rest days in the taper leading up to TRT 100. Who knows?

Streaking part 2

If you have seen pictures of Anton Krupicka running, you will have noticed that he runs very minimalist. Just a pair of shoes, and a pair of shorts. Recently I have been having fun running the same as Anton at Jordan Lake. Well, "the same" maybe a bit of a stretch – minus the hair (on my head – plenty on the back), and plus the beer belly and man boobs, but yeah, other than that, the same. Yep, no shirt. In my defense, I always make sure the parking lot is empty first, I would hate to be witnessed. It's been good, somewhat liberating, and cool. Except this one time, oh my, that poor poor family out for a hike.

Streaking part 3

I guess highlights that some folks put in their hair could be called streaks. Not something I worry about.


  1. Okay Jimbo . . . a few comments!

    In my day, streaking meant something quite different. And I'm somewhat proud to say I've done my share of streaking, in the truest sense of the word. Yea . . . college . . . during a football game half time! And yes, I ran fast enough to avert legal problems

    But also fairly recently I resumed my college past time after way too much beer post Richmond marathon three years ago. Yes, there are pictures! And no . . . I will not post them!

    Now . . . talk to me again about your streak!!

  2. My mother and late uncle took Triple F's definition of streaking and ran with it. Literally. They were in a streaking PARADE in Athens several decades ago. I'm just glad I wasn't there...

  3. For me streaking (the kind you refer to in part 1) turns out to be the only way I can stay consistent in my training. I otherwise never last more than a few weeks before I start skipping more workouts than I keep. Current streak started on day 1 of ATY 2010, 182 days.

    The kind you refer to in part 2 would be nice. But if you think you have man-boobs and a beer belly... stop. I could be arrested if I ran without a shirt.

  4. lmao you are always an interesting read. thanks for the laughs.

  5. Whole lot of promise to this article based on the header. By the end, you had me trying to calculate standard deviations.