Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Badwater stuff - This time from Mandy

I have me a guest writer – Mandy, aka "Kick-Yo-Ass- Motivation-Mandy" provided additional Badwater SoFarFromNormal memories. Cheers Mandy.

As a side note, here is Mandy's fee schedule:

  • Motivational Kick-yo-ass text messages during any race --- 1 beer/text
  • Motivational Kick-yo-ass voice mails/phone calls during any race --- 3 beers/call
  • A-real-physical-actual-kick-yo-ass during a race --- One six pack, a cheeseburger and a t-shirt. (Comes with one free "booty-dance".)
CAUTION! EXTREME HEAT DANGER (Phwoar.... Mandy - a hot chick in Death Valley)

Mandy's Memories

Jim, Dave, and Mandy: TEAM EASTSIDE

I will second what Jim said about everyone getting along like we were all old friends. It was amazing…. And our team did laugh a lot. About everything!
  • "She's F****** Rocking it!"
  • Come on Meri, we gotta Pimp slap Whitney like Bobby Brown would!
  • "Move those Stems!!!!"
  • "Just a 5K bitch!!!!, Come on!!!!"
  • "Meow" Wait, it could be a fox!
  • Being the Poop buddy and resident Poop expert
  • Tucking in at the Meat Extravaganza Burger Restaurant in Lone Pine
  • "Dear Beer!"
  • Oh shit, I think we're running out of fruit nectar…. Maybe if I water it down a bit she'll never notice…. Shit Dave, she noticed
  • The Treeline!
  • Desert Spouses
  • The Badwater Bathroom Idea, coming to Sedona Running in time for next year's Badwater!
  • I NEED my Handheld!!!! I HAVE to have it!!!!
  • Meri's Moon Boots and the real site of the moon landing.

It was amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Being a member of the crew, with all of you, was totally fun. We all brought something different to the table, but we were able to accomplish the goal Meri getting to the end. 

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