Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Long, epic, self absorbed year in review post, along with mileage totals and goals for 2014


I just know this is the blog that everyone is eager to read. But really it is just some Facebook fun, and an utterly pointless post.

My truck passed 200,000 miles yesterday. It has had a good year, well apart from the time I drove into a ditch off of the side of my driveway.

The year started well, and ended well.

In January, we began our 2,916 mile journey across the country. Took 3.5 days – epic!!!!

It also got a new set of tires. And some oil changes. And new brakes. I think we did a tune up too.

It needs new ball joints. Spendy. That’s the goal in 2014. New ball joints.