Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet my training partners

This is Wilbur. He is supposedly a cross between a Blue Heeler and a Border Collie. Others swear that he has some German Shepherd and/or Husky in him. All possible - he is not too fond of the heat so the Husky may be true. He was adopted as a puppy from Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption. He gets a bit overexcited when we come across other dogs, we'll have to work on that, but other than that he is a great dog to run with.

This little lady is Sarah. Who knows what kind of mix she is? Border Collie, Dalmation, Jack Russell are all possibilites. She also came from CARA. She is fast and can run all day. She has also amost perfected the art of pooping on the run! Can Kanarzes do that?? ;)

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