Monday, January 5, 2009

Running at night

My wife bought me one of these headlamps for my birthday last month. For some reason, I have been a little nervous about going out on a night time run and christening my new toy - I mean it's not as if we live in a heavy traffic area. She also bought Wilbur and Sarah a little flashing LED's to go on their collars :) - red one for Wilbur, white one for Sarah. We decided to give our new toys a whirl tonight.

So, anyway, complete with headlamp, reflective vest, and flashing LED's, off we went for a 5K run. It is quite weird running in the dark, just you and the 20 feet you can see. I enjoyed it, and it was kind of invigorating, and now that I have broke the seal so to speak, I'll be night running more often.

I need to think of a better way to fit the pups' LED's to their collar though, they both fell off. Fortunately, flashing lights weren't too difficult to find on my way back.

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