Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mangum Track Club - Shirt Run

New MTC members Wilbur, Sarah, Connie and Nicole at the 'famous' sign

Sarah, Jimbo and Wilbur

Fun, lots of it, was the order of the day on Saturday as the pups and I took part in the Mangum Track Club Shirt run. We met up with friends Connie and Nicole about 5:45 in the morning, and made the 90 minute drive to Ellerbe NC. We met with 23 other new members and several other seasoned members. At a guess there were probably a total of 40-50 runners.

Just like last time, everyone piled into cars, and we headed out to Mangum - after a few photos were taken, we started out on the 15 mile, no pressure run. It took us a little under three hours to cover the rolling hills of the course. At the end, there was pizza for Jimbo, and Connie and Nicole received their T-shirts with their MTC memberships, and Wilbur and Sarah got some pizza crusts with theirs!

I know that the pups are very proud of their memberships!

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