Monday, November 2, 2009

Wilbur and Sarah to do MTC "Shirt run" :)


My training partners, Wilbur and Sarah are going to make an attempt to become life long members of the Mangum Track Club. From the club website:

Back during the late 80's five guys would meet in the hills of Ellerbe, NC for training runs for marathons. One Christmas during that time, one of the guys purchased 5 shirts. One for each training partner. The shirt was a navy blue shirt with "Mangum Track Club" on the front of it. As the story goes, one of the wives of one of the guys wanted one of the shirts. Well being guys, they toldher, you will have to earn it. The "Shirt Run" was born. The shirt run is a 15-mile point-to-point run/walk from Mangum, N.C. to Ellerbe, N.C. Once you finish the shirt run you will receive your Mangum Track Club shirt and you are a member for life. The Mangum Track Club is a fun run crowd consisting of walkers to ultra runners. We do not have dues or meetings and you may be asked to purchase your Mangum Track Club shirt depending on the number of runners that show up for the shirt run. Normally members pitch in to buy the shirts.
At Umstead, on my last lap, I met someone who explained what the MTC is about. A little googling, and learned what I needed to do to join. I became a member in May, completing the 15 mile run. Here is my write up from then. Since then, I have done the Boogie Marathon, and Hinson Lake 24 hr run, both organized by the MTC and their members. They are a great running group, and becoming associated with the MTC is one of the best things I have done. I'm also coming 5th in the "what's the point race" (I'll get double points for the 15 miles on Saturday)

I noticed that they have some "canine" members, so, I was very pleased when the pups expressed a desire to join. The pups, my friend Connie and will be leaving bright and early Saturday, and we are going to enjoy the no pressure, fun 15 mile run among friends.

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