Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bad Blogging, Bolloxing The Boogie and Badwater

I've not been too good on the blogging front have I? I know why too, it's because I "Bolloxed The Boogie". Yeah, I hosed that one up.

Let's think about what I said leading up to the race, things like "I'm going for a PR", or after the successful Enoree Passage, "I hope this doesn't give me unrealistic expectations".

Basically, I dropped after 26 miles. A little while later, I added 0.2 miles to make up the marathon. The heat gave me some problems - not the heat on its own of course, but add in a few fast miles at the start (first 3 miles in 27:xx), and I think I overheated and didn't give myself an opportunity to cool down, plus I had stomach problems which meant a few emergency dashes into the woods where the energy (literally and figuratively) drained out of me. Just a rough rough night.

As last year, the race was wonderfully well organized, friendly people (Susan at the main aidstation did a great job cheering me up afterwards).

Such is life I suppose - I am cross at myself to be honest, I needed to respect the distance more. I will in futire, I promise.

Badwater - well, whaddya know? Next week, I will be heading to California to crew for Hung Ng in the 135 mile race across Death Valley. Wow, what a privelige. Hung came 19th last year. It will be a great experience for me, then of course after Badwater, I will be heading up to Tahoe for the TRT. It looks like it will be a great vacation for me!


  1. Jimbo,
    I guess we were two tired dudes passing in the night. I finished the marathon at around 12:45. It was a great event and I am thinking trying the 50 next year. Man, it was hot out there. And then, man, it was dark out there. But what a special race it was. Sorry about your struggles. Next year...

  2. James.
    I see you are wearing the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest in your picture. I have used two different backpacks and am comfortable using both. But I like to design of the Nathan. Have you been happy with it?

  3. Hey Chris - The Nathan is very comfortable, it does seem to take a while to get adjusted right - once I do though, it is very comfortable.

    I wore it for a 50 miler over the weekend, the only (minor) complaint is that when you are tired, it can be a little tricky to re-fill.

    On the whole, I am happy with it, and would recommend it.