Friday, March 11, 2011

So Far From Normal

Both of my regular readers will have noticed that there is a bit of a re-branding going on here. The biggest thing you may have noticed is the fact that I am posting again.

The next biggest thing you may notice is the colors and stuff. They are all different. The background picture is the one below, proudly taken during my 50 mile excursion around the Tahoe Rim last July. I am going to continue to tweak the layout – including the picture at the top. That has been around since I started this blog, when I thought I was kinda whacky and extreme (and so far from normal) because I had two pairs of running shoes. Many more shoes have expired since then. My current crop of useable shoes is 7 pairs – 5 of which are in a regular rotation, 2 pairs are backups. If I try hard, I can justify each of the shoes, however, the truth be known, it was a Post-Thanksgiving-Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday  online shopping spree – there were so many deals to be had (including two pairs for the price of one – hence the backups)! I digress…………..

The view from about 8000' somewhere on the Tahoe Rim Trail 
late afternoon, early evening - the new background

What about the cool new name eh? My very own domain! Cool stuff – I feel exceptionally geeky. The old name should still work, but is nowhere near as cool as So bookmark it. Please. Pretty please.

Why the change? Well, I had been thinking about it for a while, close to an hour in fact. I guess RunBaldyRun seemed a little outdated – I mean, what would happen if I decided to get a hair transplant? I actually wanted something that describes me and my ability to run, and more importantly to describe the types of runs I do. The inspiration came from a Facebook posting by my buddy Frank I think. I can’t remember the exact conversation – but I think he described himself as not normal (or perhaps he described me as not normal, or someone else. Or something); “Oh we’re all far from normal” I replied. And BING! You know those cartoons with people with light bulbs above their heads? Yep, it was one of those moments. Unfortunately FarFromNormal was not available – SoFarFromNormal was though, and I like it even better.

100 mile runs – how normal are those? Way beyond normal. (Hmmm, I wonder if BeyondNormal is available)
The Boogie – 50 miles starting in the evening, in the heat and humidity of June in North Carolina. How normal is that? Not normal at all.
Oxygen deprived 50 mile runs in the Sierras – Normal? Nope – most normal people wouldn’t consider this normal.

You get the drift . It costs a whole $10 for my own domain. Seems like a steal. I may even get it on a t-shirt.

You have read this far? How normal are you? HA!


  1. I love the new name! Perfectly describes the author! Me . . . I'm pretty normal! But YOU!!! Well . . . let's just say I love the new name!

    And it's cool to have your own domain!! WOW! How do you do that??

  2. Awesome Jim. Great new name, but I still do love the old name too. :-)

  3. I think the changes were great ideas... so much fun. Good Luck at umstead and I look forward to seeing you soon!