Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Umstead 2011. The first preview

I'm looking forward to Umstead.

Not too long to go now, about 11 days.

And I am terrified. You would think that after 3 successful 100 mile runs including a successful Umstead, I would be ok with the gargantuan effort that will be undertaken.

So why? I have been thinking about it, I believe it is because this is the first 100 where I have a time goal. Well several time goals actually. Every other 100 has been run with a view to nothing but beating the cut-offs.

Last time I ran with a time goal, it didn’t end up well. Can anyone say “Jimbo, you bolloxed The Boogie”? I went out too fast, had stomach issues, overheated, and generally messed it up. So I’m thinking this is the reason I have some trepidation.

So, here are the goals:

Goal 1: Finish alive and with a smile.
Goal 2: Beat last year’s time - 27:49
Goal 3: Distance PR – 26:24
Goal 4: 50 mile split less than 11 hours
Goal 5: And this is the “secret dream goal” – the goal I won’t say in public (unless bribed with beer). Sub 24:00. There, I have said it (and y'all owe me a beer)

My training has gone really well – I have run considerably more miles than this time last year (248 since 2/1/2010 vs 365 since 2/1/2011). My pace on short runs has dramatically increased, at a guess, on average about 60-90 seconds per mile. In recent months, I have PRs for 50k and marathon, plus 30 minutes faster for Weymouth Woods, not to forget fastest lunchtime loops - long and short. But despite all of that, I can not see any way to trim 3:49 off of last year’s time. That is a lot.

Here is what I do know for a fact, Umstead is one of the best - I love this race, its organization, the course and the fact that I will know so many people who will be running.

My life changed on this course 2 years ago. Regardless of what happens out there in 11 days, I can't and won't be disappointed.


  1. With your recent fast times bigger base, you will surprise yourself!

    Believe it now and see it happen.

  2. Agreed - we're all just going to beat you into submission - YOU CAN DO IT! :)