Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few Badwater pictures

This year, I am crewing for Meredith Murphy

Below are a few pics I took on the day before the race:


  1. That last picture is quite an inviting lunch spot . . . just a great place for a picnic in the desert. :-)

    Triple F

  2. I just found your blog today (via Jessie). Great pictures. I would love, love, love to crew Badwater one day. I have my first pacer assignment coming up (the last 20 miles of Twin Peaks 50 miler) and I'm so paranoid my friend's gonna change his mind re: choosing me. Anyway, 2111 miles -- what a goal!! One of my running partners insists I'm going to hit 1,500 this year. I laugh and think he's crazy (but aren't we all?). Then I see your goal, and I'm inspired (someone even more crazy!). Maybe, just maybe, I can hit 1,500 miles.