Friday, May 25, 2012


Here is something I posted to FB yesterday. Thought I may as well post it here too:

People often ask why I run. I think I have an answer.

I am travelling for work in So. California.

Tuesday, I find an urban wilderness area. Trails and a mountain within sight of downtown LA. Tough hill climbs, but great fun, you could hear birds chirping at the same time as traffic noises.

Tuesday - a different city, out in the desert. I'm jogging through the streets and a park close to my hotel, it's 104 degrees of dry heat. I come across some citrus trees in the park and pick a fresh satsuma from one, and a grapefruit from another. So deliciously sweet, fresh and still warm having been infused with desert sunshine. Perfect recovery meal!

Then today - I stumble across a State Park - I see mountains, I see ocean. I see a trail. I haul myself up a mountain, with wonderful views of the ocean, and eventually work my way back down to the beach. Where I run on the sand dodging the surf - eventually running in the surf. Finally, covered in sweat, salt and with aching calf muscles from all the climbing, I wade into the Pacific to rinse off and cool off my legs. Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

Now on Saturday, I get to spend the day and having fun with a whole bunch of crazies running 5k after 5k who will totally get where I am coming from.

Why do I run? You just sometimes never know what you will find. That's why I run.

Note: I am posting this from a plane – for some reason the WiFi is not allowing me to post with pictures – I guess I will add those later.

Guest Bloggers sought:

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