Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ever thought of hiring a running coach?

This is a blatant plug for one of my best friend’s coaching business.

Here is the website:

Creating Momentum! Shannon McGinn

Anyone who has ever met Shannon will struggle not to be inspired by her awesomeness. Under 20 hours for 100 miles, 110.67 for 24 hours, 3:15 marathon, 4:13 for 50k. Yeah, so she is a fast runner, and she is also a certified long distance running coach. Being a good runner though is not the only thing that makes a good coach though (it is a good start though!). You will need to be motivated to train (not shouted at), you will need to understand the methods and why you are being asked to do what you are being asked to do. And you will need inspiration.

What Shannon doesn’t know (unless she reads this), is that had I been selected in the Western States Lottery, I would have hired her to coach me in the months leading up to the race – It would have been an obvious step; it is apparent that opportunities to run Western States will be few and far between, and I would absolutely would want to give myself the best possible chance of finishing on the once in a lifetime opportunity I would get of running my dream race.  Also, having had numerous consultations and discussions with her over the years, I absolutely believe her methods (how she trains herself) would work for me. Volume, running streaks, slow running, using races for speedwork, run for joy etc. [Probably about time I paid her for all of the advice I have received too!]

I think I will end up by using the words our mutual friend Alanna posted on Facebook to summarize why I think Shannon would be a great choice for a coach – I can’t think of a better way to say it.

For anyone out there looking for some motivation -- Shannon is an excellent running coach, a good friend of mine, and a wonderful person who can help you attain your fitness and wellness goals. She provides both online and in-person coaching, and can kick your butt into high gear -- yes, this would make an excellent Christmas present for that special running someone!

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  1. If you want to run better and like Shannon as a coach, why not hire her. Why add WS to it?