Sunday, March 22, 2009

The "Big Run Home"

On Friday, I finally got to do the "big run home" from work. 28.7 miles in a little under 5:45 - 12 min/mile pace. I am pleased with the way the run went, and how I felt at the end.

So what did I learn?

A combination of AccelGel and Hammer Gel work well for fuelling. An occasional banana will ease hunger pangs.

  • My new Nike DriFit shorts are very comfortable - no chafing.
  • Drymax socks are wonderful.
  • The batteries in my Garmin probably won't last for the whole of the Umstead 50.
  • I need to get a pair of road running shoes as well as the trail shoes.
  • My general fitness is as good as it has ever been.
  • I need to ease back on my pace at the beginning. 11 min/mile at the start is probably a little too fast, easing back, and doing a little more walking at the beginning will help me towards the end.

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