Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New shoes and stuff

Weather for Saturday now expected to be 70F and sunny. A little cooler than yesterday's forecast, but that will be just fine.

I bought a new pair of road shoes today - the long run home made me realize that my trail running shoes don't really have enough cusioning for the road. Till today, I have always used Aics Kayanos, and they have served me well, however, since being prescribed orthotics by a podiatrist, he recommended that I switch to a neutral shoe rather than a stability shoe, which gave me the opportunity to look at other manufacturers.

In the end, it came down to two, the Asics Nimbus, and the Mizuno Wave Creation 10.

I ended up choosing the Mizuno. They are incredibly comfortable, and Runner's World describes them as "The Creation has always been a Clydesdale's best friend". Works for me.

I went for a 5k this evening, and I just had to step into a pothole and twist my ankle didn't I? For 15 seconds, I was in agony, and thankfully nobody was around to hear me wailing, "NOOO, WHY NOWWWW". Pathetic, I walked on it for a minute, and it was fine to carry on. A little sore now, but nothing that ice and ibuprofen won't cure.

Cold is slowly getting better, and all the junk from my sinuses is clearing out (I am always amazed by how much 'stuff' comes out of my nose when I have a cold. I reckon I have lost a couple of pounds this week just in snot. That was a bit gross - sorry.

Time for bed.

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