Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Columbia River running/More weather watch

I went for another run tonight - again probably faster pace than I should - 10k in 59 minutes. Felt OK, it is nice to run in dry heat (probably mid 80's). This trail is right out of the back door of the hotel I am staying in, so it is amazingly convenient. It is also flat, fast and there are plenty of nice views of the river - I took a few photos with my phone. Looks like they came out OK

Out of the back door, turn right - this is the view after about 1/4 mile

After a 1.5 miles, the asphalt turns into more of a trail - much closer to what I am used to of late!

Bet you didn't know that Washington has a desert! Lots of tumbleweed in the making.

I turned around after 2.5 miles, planning to do 5 miles total

Once I got back to the hotel, I decided to add another 1.2 mile to make it up to 10K - the picture above is the turnaround point after the 'extra 0.6 miles'

This is the back of the Hampton Inn. Not too shabby eh?

..... and the view down the path......

....and the view from my room. You can just see a bridge in the distance - that is 1.5 miles away at the point where the trail gets rougher.

Now - just checked the weekend forecast for Ellerbe NC - still 85F, 30% chance of thunderstorms. 67% humidity is forecast. No dramatic changes since yesterday.

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