Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting ready for Laramie

3 weeks to go, and howzit going Jimbo?

Training wise, as usual, I feel underprepared. But having said that, I have done a lot of running since Umstead. Most of it has included hills. I have mentioned before the 5 mile ankle breaker trail by Jordan Lake - I have ran that a lot, and last weekend, I did something I did not think was possible - I managed the course in less than an hour. This course has around 1400' up and 1400' down, so it is rarely flat. A couple of months ago, it was taking about 1:10 to do this same run. So, I am probably fitter than I was - whether that translates into being able to keep moving forward for 24 hours or not remains to be seen.

Heat and humidity has really picked up, and although this not likely to be a problem in Wyoming, I think it helps to run under uncomfortable conditions to improve endurance. This week has been nicely in the 90's so "uncomfortable" is a good adjective.

Gear - I now have my dirty girl gaiters, and a new pair of drymax socks. I also tried out yesterday a Nathan Running Vest - I love it. I can carry a lot of stuff, and it feels very comfortable. The 2 for a buck bandanas at walmart have also proved very handy. My new RaceReady shorts that I mentioned a few weeks ago are brilliant, I have had ZERO chafing or bunching issues. I got a new SweatVac hat too. Gear wise, I think I am ready.

I will be on the west coast next week, so I will get some runs in some heat with low humidity - I have no idea if that will help.

Next Saturday, I will be running the Boogie Marathon. Hmmmm, a marathon, in June, in North Carolina. Who would be stupid enough to do that???? Oh, and it's at night too!! Actually, I think this will a good final "Long Run". This is without a doubt, the most relaxed I have felt prior to a marathon - probably, because I have no plans to even attempt anything close to a PR - this is a training run only. I suspect it will be about 5:00 to 5:30 time for me - there will be a lot of walking.

So, am I ready? Who knows, but the beauty of a 24 hr run, is there is no such thing as a DNF I guess :) In all honesty, I do have a "secret-dream-goal", I may reveal it in the day or so before - but for now, publicly, all I will say is that my goal is to finish alive 24 hours or so after I started!

Bring it on, I can't wait.


  1. Jimbo,

    Good luck in your "training" marathon and the 24 hour race. I know you will have a great race and will definitely finish your 24 hours strong!

    In the next few weeks make sure to get lots of sleep and know that all of your training up to and after Umstead definitely will pay off.


  2. My goal finish in 24 hours...HA...I am so woefully unprepared that it is sort of funny and scary all at the same time...What have we gotten ourselves into JIMBO??? YIKES!!!
    You will do a wonderful job and we are going to have the time of our lives! What is that secret mileage goal? I will tell you mine if you tell me yours?
    Guess who?

  3. YIKES my friend, YIKES!


    In all honestly, I really can't wait, this will be a blast. We will drag each others' underprepared butts around for a few hours, and I know we will finish smiling - (which may or may not be alcohol induced)!

    See ya soon!

    PS - I will email you the "secret goal"