Monday, January 9, 2012

another open letter to sponsors


Dear potential sponsors

I assume you have read this.

This blog has 108 followers and gets about 1800 page views per month.

Your ad could be right here instead of this picture of some beer.

IMG00111-20111001-1936 (2)

Just sayin’.



(Seriously, even though the post above was a blatant [fairly pathetic] attempt to get free stuff – to everyone of you who stumbles onto these pages and even stick around long enough to read something and even better, make comments, a genuine “Thank you”, and wishing you a great Twenty-Twelve)


  1. Jim,

    I'd be happy to sponsor you with a beer anytime we're together. You don't even have to display my logo anywhere.

  2. I really hate I had to miss the Boxing Day madness! Next year for sure! Here is hoping 2012 is awesome for you, my friend!