Sunday, May 10, 2009

Applying for a "Lycra License"

It is always an exciting time when you get new stuff. Yesterday, I got to try out some new shorts. I have had problems in the past with chafing, and also shorts bunching - even the 9" inseam Nike Dri-fit shorts bunched - even more so when I wear compression underwear to eliminate the chafing, which becomes a viscious circle.

So I ordered some RaceReady LD Fitness Shorts. They claim, "These running shorts are an ultrarunner favorite, and work great for any runner who is prone to chaffing. You've read about the advantages of wearing stretchable fabrics..... DRYLINE supports your hamstrings and quads, reducing muscle fatigue." If the bit about chafing, and reduction of muscle fatigue is true, then they will be worth every penny.

I went for a run yesterday, and they are very comfortable, no chafing, no bunching - but it felt like I was running in just underwear, weird, I guess that is something I will have to get used to, because so far, these are the best running shorts I have owned. Oh, and Jess says that the pockets at the back look like a hula skirt, I say they're practical (and they are). I went one size up, because I didn't want too much compression, that also seemed to work well.

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  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that the lycra shorts address and resolve the chaffing issues. One of the reasons I use my marathon girl skirt is to avoid chaffing. In fact I never have experienced shorts/skirt induced chaffing.

    But man do I have under my arm chaffing issues (on the arm between my elbow and my armpit. Nearly makes me cry like a girl about 20 miles into any event and just gets worse from there).