Sunday, May 3, 2009

Real men wear mositurizer

I have been having a problem lately with sweat running onto my eyelids and really stinging (probably something to do with the rapid onset of summer. It maybe something to do with sunscreen or something, I don't know. I have tried a couple of things to eradicate the problem, I used the "brave soldier" runners lube, and vaseline - the brave soldier stung even worse than the sweat, and vaseline worked but just felt weird. However, the cheap moisturizer I steal from hotels works really well (the bottles are very handy to carry some vaseline, lube or advil etc., without taking up a lot of room).

Plus there is the added benefit of oh-so-soft eyelids

Yes siree Jimbo, welcome to the 21st century moisturizer, is no longer just for chicks ;) (was it ever?)


  1. Ha ha ha!!!!! I never thought I'd see the day! Just keep you hands off Jelly's expensive moisturiser won't you!!! Love the blog Jimbo.

    Abby xx

  2. Howdy Sis!! Glad you like my little corner of this world wide web thingy. I need to think of a use for the hotel shampoo next......