Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saludos desde Mexico

Hola amigos.

I am working in Mexico for a couple of days this week, a city called Querétaro. Wonderful weather, wonderful food and wonderful people.

At 6,200 feet, it is a good opportunity to see how I react at altitude. I have been this high before, but I have never exercised. I'm not too sure about running around the streets, but the hotel is equipped with a decent treadmill, so last night, I ran a 5k to see how I fared.

I definitely noticed the thinner air, I did get out of breath sooner - when I increased the pace, and added some elevation. Bottom line though, when it comes to the 8800' of Laramie, I think I should cope just fine as long as I slow down, and when going up hill I will have to really take it easy.

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