Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming runs

Here's what we have on the calendar so far:

May 23 -
Mangum Track Club 15 mile "shirt run" - Ellerbe NC
June 13 -
The Boogie Marathon, also in Ellerbe NC, 26.2 miles
June 27-28 -
24 Hours of Laramie. I only have one target, finish alive 24 hours after I started!

All confirmed - I'm looking at all three of those as training runs for an attempt at a 100 miler sometime later in the year.

Exercise so far this week:

Monday: Stairmaster: 2.49 miles in 22 minutes (I hate that machine), plus some weights.
Tuesday lunch: 30 minute weight circuit, legs only
Tuesday eveining: 5k easy run (30:16)
Wednesday lunch: Treadmill, 33 minutes, level 15, 2.52 miles - A new record for level 15.

So, really, more of the same, focusing on conditioning, and getting a base level of strength and fitness. It is probably time to start getting some long runs in to get some endurance work going and ramping up the miles.

OK, I have a good "tune of the day" for you - a tune so fast that it makes you want to sprint. We saw this band support The Damned a few years ago, man, they are fast. The tune came to the top of the playlist during the 5K run.

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