Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wilbur, Sarah and I went for a run this evening at Jordan Lake - I thought we would check on the doggy bowl in the A campground. Can't believe someone took it! Unbelievable. Could the rangers have removed it for being non-bio-degradeable? Or perhaps someone thought it was a brilliant invention, and decided to make several million cutting up milk cartons and tying some string to them, and getting Billy Mays to pitch THE "Doggy Bowl" on late night cable TV for $9.99.

I'll check the one in Camp B in the next day or so.

Today's Exercise

3.42 miles on the treadmill at lunch time. In my continued effort to be smarter with my use of the treadmill, I did "hill/speed intervals" for 33 minutes. Up to 8 on the incline (at 5-5.5 mph), and up to 7.5 mph on the flat.

As for the run this evening - walked on the ups, ran the rest.

Garmin Data:

Distance: 2.65 miles
Time: 29.03 min
Pace: 10:58 min/mile

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