Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simple things

I like it when a plan comes together. Today's simple thing that made me happy was the lawntractor starting [almost] first time after the winter [almost] totally exposed to the elements. Which meant I got [most of] the grass cut for the first time this season. I'm thinking of strapping my garmin on next time I cut the grass to find out how much of a workout I am missing out on by not using my push mower (which also started first time).

Anyway, to today's run. I decided to run half of the half for the Duke Half - that is the first lap of the half marathon of the
Duke Liver half-iron man triathlon - which is held in September on my favourite trails around Jordan Lake. I treated it as an easy run, with plenty of walking, jogging and what I think is called "the ultra-shuffle" (it is I suppose a kind of run, but using minimal effort - short strides and the feet barely leave the ground). This combination seemed to serve me well at Umstead.

On the whole, I felt pretty good, although towards the end I did notice a slight twinge in my ankle from where I rolled it last weekend

Garmin Data:

Time: 1:20:37
Distance: 6.56 miles
Pace: 12:17 min/mile

I have a fairly long playlist on my music player, called "Running Tunes", which I use [oddly enough] when I am running. It's a fairly mixed bag of tunes, some old, some obscure, some "how-in-the-hell-can-anyone-run-to-that-crap". If a particular song, seems to give me a lift on a run, I'm going to try to find it on YouTube and post it here.

Today's song is Heartbeat, by The Psychedelic Furs. Check out Richard Butler's hair! I'm glad mine was already falling out by the mid 80's, otherwise, I am fairly sure that there would be some fairly embarassing "Jimbo-mullet-pictures" floating around.

Enjoy it.

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