Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jimbo's Umstead gear

Here is what I wore or carried while running:

Adidas shirt: Fantastic. I think it won Runner's World best shirt last summer. It kept me cool, and there was no chafing at all. I did catch the sun a bit mire than I would have liked. I should remember sunscreen next time

Nike DriFit Shorts: Prior to Umstead, I ran several miles in these, with no probalems at all. During the race though, I did experience some chafing. Not sure why. Maybe it was the warmth causing extra perspiration. I need to experiment with underwear I think. (or wear a skirt :))

Garmin Forerunner 205: A wonderful device that I have no idea how I did without it before. I didn't expect the batteries to last the full 50 miles, but they did. I was very impressed. Here is a screen shot of the speed and distance for the full 50 miles.

Merrell Overdrive II Trail Running Shoes: Very good shoe, but definitely moreso for trail running. The surface at Umstead was a little hard, and I think it is probably more appropriate for a road running shoe. Still, I went over 30 miles in them, so no complaints. What you can't see inside the shoe are my orthotics that Dr Tomey prescibed. These have made a huge difference, and made a massive contribution to me finishing the run with no injuries, either in my calf or my achilles, both of which have plagued me in the past.

Nathan Quick Draw Waterbottle: Perfect - fits me well, I think I prefer it to the Fuel Belt hand held - it just seems to fit in my hand better. I should probably wash it now though. :)

Drymax Maximum Protection Socks: Several months ago, when I first was accepted into Umstead, I stumbled across this Youtube Video of Jamie Donaldson, who won the women's division of the race in 2008. The video is of her winning the Badwater Ultramarathon, and they used the phrase "135 miles, no blisters". I bought myself a pair of these socks from Zombie Runner. The socks lived up to their promise, and I had zero problems with my feet. Not one tiny hotspot. I am happy to say "50 miles, no blisters"

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