Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No headphones, no Jimbo

I heard an ad on the radio today, for a marathon in High Point NC - fairly close. Because they are advertising on a Raleigh radion station, I am guessing they are hurting for numbers. I was seriously thinking of signing up - the timing was right, and it would have been a good training run.

But in the FAQ's:

Am I allowed to use my IPod or MP3 player during the

No, for the safety of all runners, electronic music devices
are not permitted on the course.

Give me a break. Safety. How about banning fast people, because they could bump into slow people? That's not very safe is it?

Oh well, I will skip the High Point marathon.

Today's exercise:

Lunch time at the gym: 15 minutes on the Stairmaster (that machine is brutal), 15 minutes on the stationary bike and a few minutes doing leg lifts, which apparently helps with the fried quads.

Also, did a 5k run when I got home. Goal of the run was to shake out some cobwebs, get some cardio in, and run back faster than I ran out - went to Lee County airport for a run out and back down Ammons Farm Rd. Mission accomplished.

Garmin Data:

Distance: 3.12 mi
Time: 31.02
Pace: 9.57 min/mile

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