Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crab fishing, red wine, ice and ibuprofen

There is a reason women call men idiots. A good reason. It is because we are. Well I am anyway,

What have crab fishing, red wine, ice and ibuprofen got in common? They are the evidence that proves that I am an idiot.

Proof #1 - I fancied a glass of red before I went to bed last night. Nothing wrong with that in itself, besides, it's good for you. But read on

Proof #2 - The crab fishermen of Alaska - The Deadliest Catch. Now then, they have a new series coming up (Tuesday 9 pm, Discovery, I can't wait). I am a sucker for that show, and it is very strangely addictive. Let's hope Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie makes a good recovery, and is allowed to go fishing. Anyway, I digress. So, knowing they have a new series coming up, and therefore knowing that the Discovery Channel will run a Deadliest Catch marathon, with show after show after show, and knowing the addictive nature of the show - why in the hell did I start watching it then? With a glass of wine. What an idiot.

Proof #3 - Deadliest Catch, wine, Deadliest Catch, wine, Deadliest Catch, wine, Deadliest Catch, wine etc etc etc. It's a good job that after three hours or so, they start repeating the shows that they showed three hours earlier, or otherwise, I could still be watching. Actually, I probably wouldn't be, because I ran out of wine. It was well past 2am when I went to bed

Proof #4 - I wake up feeling a little under the weather and tired of course. So I wonder how that effected me when I went for a walk early this afternoon. Could my concentration not have been what it should have been? Could I have lost some focus? Maybe my eye to foot coordination was a little off kilter. You see, four miles in, I manged to flip my ankle on a tree root. Boy oh boy did that hurt. Even Sarah and Wilbur had concerened looks on their faces. This wasn't one of those twists that a couple of minutes of walking and it goes away. This was a limp for the last mile back to the car. Ouch. Hence the ice and ibuprofen.

Jimbo is an idiot? Guilty on all charges.

Onto the walk. It is beautiful here today, low 70's, low humidity, so the conditions were perfect. Went to the same ankle breaker trail by Jordan Lake. I bought a 'season pass' for $40, so I don't have to pay $5 every time I go there through the summer.

I was definitely walking stronger than my last time out, and up till my fall, I was probably averaging about 15:09/mile. Last mile was a lot slower.

Time: 1:17:21
Distance: 4.91 miles
Pace: 15:45 min/mile

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