Saturday, April 25, 2009

A cheap vacation

It's looking very likely that Jess and I will be heading to Laramie WY for the 24 Hours of Laramie. The start of the race is at the Pole Creek Campground. We will be camping the night before the race (presumably Jess will be 'camping' while I am running, so we thought that we should check out our tent - it's been a few years since we have been camping. It all looks in good condition.

The ultimate proof will be however when the pups and I (maybe Jess), will camp out in the back yard tonight. :)

Summer has arrived with a bang, it's in the 90's today, so a perfect day for a trail run right? I met up with Connie and Allan from Raleigh Trail Runners, and we went for about 6 miles around Jordan Lake. We mixed up the wide trails and the single track trails.

Here's an excellent tune to run to - Atomic by Blondie - and I just think the live version is fantastic. This particular song always brings back memories of my first half marathon - I was listening to it for the last half mile, and it was playing when I crossed the finish line.

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