Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snakes, flies and a new record

The pups and I went for a 5 mi walk today as part of my ongoing campaign to improve my walking.

We went on the ankle breaker trail at Jordan Lake. It is an absolutely gorgeous morning, (70 ish, and not a cloud in the sky), so that plus the specific workouts I did in the gym during the week meant that I felt like I had a real spring in my step. To put a bottom line on it, I shaved about a minute per mile off of my previous "best effort". I'm pleased with that.

One other aspect that may have helped is the additional protein I ate - not one, but two bugs or flies of some description. Yummy.

I also saw a nice long black snake, and even though I am getting better, snakes really get me close to a panic attack. Now, I know black snakes are not poisonous, and I also know that they are supposed to be good at keeping the poisonous copperheads at bay - but I really don't enjoy seeing them. Thankfully this one was about 10' off of the trail sunning himself on a fallen tree. If he was across the trail, I wonder if I would have U-turned.......

Garmin Data:

Time: 1:12:11
Distance: 4.91 miles
Pace: 14:42 mins/mile

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