Saturday, April 11, 2009

Umstead - Recovery

I know I have already written, "Umstead - Final thoughts" - well more thoughts keep coming to me, so we will just have more final thoughts, or maybe some not so final, final thoughts

Let’s talk about my recovery. I made sure I ate and drank something immediately after I had finished, and I was lucky enough that the volunteer massage lady was free a few minutes later, so I had a massage, which I am sure helped to get some blood circulating. The massage was wonderful. She recommended an ice bath, and then a couple of hours later, a hot bath with Epsom salts. I did that when I got home - except my first bath was just a cold one, I don't think I'm man enough for ice :). Let’s not forget the Advil I took.

On the Sunday, I could barely walk, but forced myself to do a few laps of the living room every 15 minutes or so. My biggest problem was my quads, which I believe is caused by the downhill running, I will have to research if there are training methods or running techniques to prevent or at least minimize this problem. Monday, was much better, and Tuesday I was back to normal.

I think I recovered quicker after 50 than I did after my last 26.2, so I reckon I did something right - I'll be running again today, because there are no lingering effects after my walk yesterday


  1. Amazing!

    Congrats on the successful recovery. Although I feel a bit taunted. My walk was not normal until Wednesday and my feet continued to swell through Thursday.

    I now am able to walk and in fact yesterday my 2 mile walk to Potbellies for an ice cream sandwich turned into a 4 mile walk to see some cherry blossoms when I ran into Tristan, my husband as I was coming home filled with ice cream sandwich:-)

    Make sure you take it easy on your run and do not overexert yourself. You are still sadly in a higher risk for an injury currently.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Tammy, thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.

    I think today is going to be all about having fun. I think I will let the pups dictate the pace, and have frequent walk breaks. If they want to sniff around, then I'll let them.

    I also have a "top secret" mission to undertake in the park where I normally run :) Watch this space, I think you'll like my plan.

    Keep up the recovery


  3. Careful, careful and be more careful about running! I am told that things can go very wrong if you run too quickly. Tammy is absolutely right.

    Each of my doctors and all of the veteran ultra buddies say that you are so much more prone to injury during this recovery period. I am just itching to run; but if my husband found out I went for a jog, I would surly find my belongings on the lawn!

    Big hugs and I am going to do Laramie.

  4. "Top secret mission" accomplished - watch this space for details to be posted.

    I definitely felt some little twinges as I was jogging (nothing serious), so my recovery is not quite as complete as I thought it was. I'll take it easy, I promise.

    Humidity is up today, I'm glad Umstead was last weekend.

    PS - I just looked out the window and saw the first hummingbird of the year. Time to get the feeders out.