Friday, July 3, 2009

Laramie - The Pics

Jimbo and Frankie just before the start. Just remembered something - Frankie had # 214, the same as I had at Umstead.

The start of the swampy bit, I came to dread this bit - up or down as the day wore on.

No moose, but these guys were around for a while

Who's that cool dude strolling across the meadow?

Every now and then, dancing just seemed the obvious thing to do.

Jimbo at sunrise. Being in daylight again was quite an amazing feeling.

I think this guy won the 100 - or maybe he was in one of the relay teams. Either way, he certainly brightened our morning up!

I hated this water crossing - after a few laps, the only way I could cross was with "Jimbo's Stick". No such problems for Frankie.

Sunrise. Hallelujah!

Sunset. Only 7 or 8 hours or so till daylight.

I think this is another sunset picture.

A picture of Jimbo's shadow. Oh, and a mountain.

Just after the muddy bit.

The muddy bit, this really became unpleasant as the hours went by.

Our "aid station".

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