Saturday, July 4, 2009

The lessons from Laramie

The power of oxygen: At 8800 feet or so, there is something like 25% less air than at sea level. I noticed. BUT - ya know, it really wasn't as bad as I thought, sure, the lack of air hit me toward the top of the big hill. However, I am not as scared for future high altitude runs. I'm probably not ready for Hardrock just yet though.

The power of listening to your body: I knew something wasn't right, I needed to do something about it.

The power of knowledge: There were people there who had run many more miles than me at much higher altitudes than me. I asked their advice.

The power of being smart: I followed their advice.

The power of big toe nails: I miss my left one :( and if I still had it, I would be out running tomorrow.

The power of good gear: I've finally got the right combination of shorts, shirt, hat, socks and shoes. Plus all the accessories - vest, water bottles etc. I don't see me changing too much on future runs. Unless you are a gazillionaire who thinks I would look good in a T-shirt bearing your logo, or something.

The power of electolytes: 'till you don't have enough, you don't miss 'em. But if that balance goes out of whack, beware!

The power of placing: You don't know how good that feels until you have done it, regardless of the depth of field and number of elites. Did I say I came THIRD??

The power of caffeine pills/coca-cola: Oooh baby. The wonder drug combo.

The power of volunteers: Without people willing to give up a Saturday and/or Sunday, the race wouldn't have happened. As well as practical stuff like water or fuel, the encouragement received was invaluable. If you stumble across this site, I thank you!

The power of companionship: Having a friend to run with and keep me company through the tough hours makes a huge difference. As I type, I'm raising a glass to you Frankie! Cheers!

The power of family: Jess - bet you didn't think that running 50+ miles would become my obsession when we met 24 years ago this month! Thanks for indulging me in my mid-life crisis. Big Hugs, and I'm raising a glass to you too. xxxxxxxx

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