Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting back into it

I am feeling pretty well recovered from the run last weekend and my toenail surgery. I think toenail surgery makes me sound tough. Kinda like toenail-ectomy, or amputation of toenail. No? Oh well. :)

Anyway there really seems to be no lingering effects, it is quite amazing how quickly the skin dries out and gets quite hard. So yesterday, the pups were itching to get out, so we went to Jordan Lake for a walk on the small loop of the ankle breaker trail (2.7 miles). I did jog a few hundred yards, but a very steady slow walk for the most part.

Today I went to the gym for a strength workout at lunch time, and decided when I got home to jog the 2.7 mile route. I took it easy going down hills just to stop the toe from jamming into the front of my shoe (probably what caused this thing in the first place), but other than that, and a slightly lower pace than normal, I felt really good. Couple more like this, and by the end of the week, I expect to be going round the bigger 5 mile loop.

Feels good to be out there again.

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  1. You should come down to the Purple Elephant Walk and Stampede at Bond Park August 8th. It's only a 5k run but the proceeds benefit kids without computers at the YWCA and Brentwood Boys and Girls Club.