Saturday, August 1, 2009

'bout time for an update

I have been an incredibly lazy blogger recently. My real job has kept me busy for a bit - which involved a 10 day 'tour' of California. In 10 days, I drove over 2000 miles.

Highlight of which was spending a weekend at Lake Tahoe with my friends Frankie and Doug, and also volunteering at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100. I was at the finish line, and one of my roles included taking the tags off of the race numbers. I am certain that the last thing somebody who has just finished a 100 mile run needs is someone groping around trying to undo safety pins! There has got to be an easier way!

It was fantastic seeing those brilliant athletes come in after a 100 mile run. Although we saw our fair share of people suffering, and looking like they had just ran 100 miles, I was suprised to see that there were quite a few people who looked really well. Apparently, out on the course during the day, the heat had got to many runners, and there were a lot of drops. Certainly my desire was fuelled to run the TRT one day - undoubtedly a 50. Whether 50K or 50M is yet to be determined.

While at Tahoe, I got to run a fantastic 5 mile trail by the lake - stunning scenery, and a really pleasant 10 mile run. I also got to run up some mountains. One of the mountains was 1850' of ascent in 3 miles. Although I felt it, and was sucking wind on some of the really steep bits, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, and has given me some confidence for pacing at the Grand Tetons.

Being the idiot I am, I managed to leave my cell phone on the plane. Someone did find it and told me they would mail it, but I have yet to see it. I just wish I had thought to get her contact information. I'm not too bothered about the phone, but it was the only 'camera' I had, so I have lost a bunch of pictures from my weekend in the mountains. Fingers crossed that it will show up, but I am beginning to lose hope.

Back now at sea level in North Carolina. The weather has been terrible for running - the humidity over the last week has been way up there, and we have had storms just about everyday. The humidity has been so high that in an hour of running, I have been losing about 5 or 6 lbs - despite drinking 20-30 oz. As much as the heat and humidity of the south doesn't usually bother me, lately though, this has been something else.

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