Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Medoc Meltdown 50K

I have been needing to get some long distance training runs in, but heat, humidity or any other excuse I can think of has prevented me from doing anything more than 15 miles. Mainly the humidity. You would think I know how hot and humid it gets here in August by now.

Then I discovered
this for this coming weekend – the Medoc Meltdown 50K. Just the motivation I need to log some miles – sign up for a race. Even better that it is a Fat Ass – free to enter – no fee, no t-shirt, no aid, no whining. WOT NO T-SHIRT?? What have I let myself in for? ;-)

So, the course is relatively flat, 8.7 mile loops x 4 =34.8 miles. Hey, wait a minute, that’s more than 50K (oops, no whining). My aim will be to finish alive, do at least 3 laps (a marathon), and also test out Suceed’s S!Caps and the Amino and Clip drinks to see how my stomach handles that. Also, I am sure that I will bring a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich – just to experiment with, of course. Dark chocolate peanut M&M’s, trail mix and the wonder drug combo (coke and a caffeine pill) will also be tried out.

Weather prediction for Saturday – mid 80’s (woo hoo, a cold snap!), scattered thunder storms (there’s a shocker in August), and of course high humidity.

From the website:

Medoc attractions and highlights include (but are not limited to): heat, humidity, logs, rocks, poison ivy, snakes and perhaps even a bear or two

Can’t wait.

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  1. Snakes?! You fear snakes!!!!!!! little sis x