Sunday, August 16, 2009

B-17 Bomber

I am a real geek for machines - especially machines that fly. Even more so for flying machines that are old.

This weekend, Lee County airport has been visited by a B-17 bomber - I could have paid to go up for a loop or two, but at $439 it was a bit steep. We are so close to the airport (1.5 miles) that we could hear it take off. Our house was buzzed several times - one time the plane's shadow passed right over me.

One thing that struck me was the sound of the engines - I can't help feeling that had you heard that sound, plus the sound of hundreds of other planes some 65 years ago, you would have been filled with either unbridled awe, or sheer terror - depending on which side of the English Channel you were on......

So, out for a run this afternoon by Jordan Lake - the plane is obviously making a loop around the lake - I quickly got out my phone and pointed it in the general direction of the plane - when I downloaded the picture later, I was suprised to see I actually did get a picture of the plane.

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