Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I went to my podiatrist this morning to pick up some new orthotics. I thought while I was there, I will ask if he can look at my big toe, which took a bit of a pounding on the hills of Wyoming.

"Yep", he says, "You're going to lose the nail". He then drained off a stunning amount of fluid. A couple of seconds later, he trimmed my nail............... or that was what I thought - well he was trimming it, but all the way down to the quick. He was right, I did lose the nail! (I just didn't think quite so quickly.)

I won't take any pictures, that wouldn't be fair on anyone who stumbles upon this - it doesn't look pretty.

Apparently everything will harden up in a couple of days, just need to soak it in Epsom Salts, and add Neosporin.

I think that now that I have lost a big toenail, I am a REAL Ultrarunner :) It's like a badge of honor or something.

I'm still working on a write up for the Laramie run. Hoping I will get it finished in the next few days.


  1. I think you need a new podiatrist. Mine always let my toenails fall off naturally.

    But congratulations on your newly earned ultra street cred!

    Although I don't think nail falling off is part of our secret handshake...just being stupid enough to run greater than 26.2 miles gets you in!

    Take care of yourself and your toe and make sure you do not create any lasting problems,


  2. Hi Tammy

    Apparently the amount of fluid that was under the nail had totally forced it away from the nail bed - hence the removal. My other toenail, which is just a bit blackened is more likely to just drop off on its own.

    I'm so proud though :)

    As for lasting problems, one of the big lessons of Umstead (and both you and Frankie warned me - DOH!), was that even though everything feels fine, there is still a lot of healing that needs to be done - including the toe. So, my exercise this weekend will be restricted to walking the pups, cutting the grass and a swim.