Friday, April 2, 2010

Umstead 100 - time to get some words down!

Umstead 100 part 1
Umstead 100 part 2
Umstead 100 part 3
Umstead 100 part 4

It's about time I start to put some kind of write up together! Actually, it helps that I am now allowed to remove my splint as of yesterday, typing is not so much as a pain as it was one handed. Still got the pins in though.

So anyway, Umstead 100. My second 100, my first 100 at Umstead, and my second run Umstead (50 last year).

Here's a few keywords that will remind me of what to write about as I go along:

Wot no music Jimbo?
Bad Eggs
Baby Wipes
Bad Joke
Good friends

Right then "booze". It has occurred to me that lots of running and lots of booze have a similar effect on the body. Bear with me. You see, the first thing, the memory goes. I was out there running for almost 28 hours. If I piece together every single memory I have, it probably wouldn't amount to more than 5 hours. If I drank for 28 hours straight, there would be a similar reaction. I guess that's my way of saying "I forgot a lot, so excuse the random ramblings". Booze also makes me tired the next day, and can upset the stomach. It also makes me stumble around in the early hours of the morning and pee a lot. Sound familiar? Not sure they have rehab for ultrarunners though.

"Cold". On the Friday the day before the race, I just had to get there. No reason except to be amongst the other 'crazies'. So I left home at lunch time and headed up to the park to hang out for a bit (and get a great parking spot right next to the course). And check out the cabin. The cabins at Umstead are great, and next year I will reserve one again. It is nice to be able to fall out of bed and be at the start line. All well and good, but a cold front moved through early evening, and the temperature plumetted - close to freezing during the night, and although I was cozy [trying] to sleep, it was very difficult to get up, lube up and get ready to run 100 miles. Next year, I will remember to bring some kind of lantern

Pre race was all about getting some coffee in me and trying not to panic. The race HQ was pretty full, and there were plenty of people with flying elbows - which meant that the warm caffienated liquid I was trying to consume - well 30% went over me, 50% ended up on the floor, 10% ended up on the folks with the flying elbows. I managed to consume the rest. A second cup had similar disposal ratios. A third try - the urn was empty..........

A couple of minutes to six, and we all headed outside, and at 6 exactly - I think it was a gun blast that set us off - away we went.

More to come......................... but well, it's a toasty day in NC, and I am thristy - I wouldn't want to forget what I wrote now would I?

Umstead 100 part 1
Umstead 100 part 2
Umstead 100 part 3
Umstead 100 part 4

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