Friday, August 17, 2012

To all my friends in North Carolina and anyone else who wants to read it too–a personal announcement

This may or may not be the best way to announce this…………

Being as this is a running blog, I don’t often (if at all) talk about my work.

Without going into detail, I work for a great company selling stuff for a living. For the last several years, my sales territory has predominantly been in the Mountain and Pacific time zone.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to live and work in my territory – after a trip out west with my wife, and some pondering, we have decided to move out to California.

Not exactly sure when, but we will probably go early in the new year. We are nervous and excited. And there is also some sadness. You see, since I started this ultra running thing in April 2009, the amount of people who I can truthfully call friends has grown exponentially, and I will truly miss so many people when we go. Especially you folks in the Mangum Track Club, you have no idea how much inspiration and motivation I draw from you all, and from the races you put on. I truly expect to make Hinson Lake an annual trip.

I am however excited about the potential of living in the foothills of the Sierras. About being within 30 minutes of the Western States Trail. About exploring new trails, new races and meeting new friends.

Oh, sure, with Facebook, the blogs and races from time to time, we will be keeping in touch, but for now, know that my life has been enriched just by knowing you folks, and that as we embark on our new adventure across the country, I will think of y’all often.




  1. oh man Jimbo - you will be greatly missed. I have loved running with you and getting to know you. Pilot Mountain was EPIC! :) All the best to you my friend! <3

  2. You will be sorely missed on the East coast, but oddly enough there are these things called planes so i am sure our paths will cross many times in the future

  3. Now we'll have extra incentive to road trip West. Shirt runs without you and the pups will be odd for sure but it's a great opportunity to live in an amazing part of the country. Wishing you and Jess well on the adventure!

  4. Jimbo - This blew me away when you told me today. I'm happy for you but sad for me and the rest of our ultra friends. You've become a special friend and I for one will miss you. But friendships don't necessarily die when distances increase. And we still have time for some more great times!!

  5. Congrats, Jimbo! You probably don't know me by name, but we have spoken at several events... most recently at Medoc this past Saturday.

    Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors! I'm sure I'll see you at a couple of races between now and then.

  6. This is wonderful news; I'll have a local pacer for when I do Western States. (:

    Seriously, congrats. The Bay Area is an amazing place to live; I envy you.

  7. Jimbo - I will so miss my favorite bacon-loving, ultra-running English dude. I sincerely hope to run into you at events in the future and we will definitely stay in touch through the virtual world. Wishing you, Jess, Wilbur, and Sarah the very best in your new home!

  8. Ah Jimbo! Who will be there to wave bacon at me and make fun of my skirt (kilt) during ultras? We are gonna miss you mate! Be prepared for some visitors. We can't let you run the Sierras by yourself now, could we??