Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting ready for Hinson Lake 24 hr

8 am Saturday September 19th - it look as though over 150 runners will start out on a 24 hour adventure on the Hinson Lake 24 hour classic. It has to be the best value, Race Director Tom Gabell, only charges a $1/hr! Oh - and I have checked, if I bring some bacon, Tom will fry it up (I learnt at the Grand Tetons that bacon is just about the perfect ultra food - protein, fat and salt, what more could you need? - oh, and it tastes just fine at 3 am!

Thinking about it, this is also the closest Ultra to my home, just a mere hour drive.

So what are my goals. Well, given that I have my first 100 in a few weeks, I would like to be on pace at 24 hours so that I could finish the 100 in about 28 hours. I'm thinking that 85 miles would be realistic.

So, here are the goals:
  1. Finish alive after 24 hours - you can never complain if that happens
  2. "Kinda Happy with" goal - a PR, anything above my Laramie mileage of 64.9 miles
  3. "Happy with" goal - 80+ Miles
  4. "Extremely Happy with" goal - 85+ miles
  5. "Deliriously Happy with" goal - 90+ miles
  6. "Secret Dream Goal"- why not, 100 miles. Not going to happen, that's why I'm keeping it a secret.

I think I am also going to try camping out the night before. I think the extra hour in bed is going to help, plus hopefully I will get to soak up the atmosphere the night before.

Another new thing I am going to try, is turkey sliders - I watched some of the top runners at GTR eating this - basically, sliced turkey and some advacado. Fat and protein again. It didn't do too bad for Ty Draney who I saw eating this combo - he went on to win with a new course record.

I am extremely excited about this race, it really looks like a tremendous amount of fun, and a brilliant opportunity to see if I am on course for the Boulder 100.

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