Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures from Hinson

This footbridge was the halway point around the lake

Sunrise over "Camp Jimbo"

Sunrise over the Lake before the start

The start/finish area of each lap - the guy sitting down next to the blue cooler was the eventual winner, Jonathan Savage who accumulated ~132 miles over the 24 hours.

The "Dam area" - right after the main aid station, people set up tents and their own base camps. There was always plent of encouragement from spectators along this part of the course

Camp Jimbo - and the chair that I needed to beware of - it was the scene of my near meltdown at about 22 hours or so.

Vol State 500 K RD Laz Cantrell, sporting a Camel cap, fitted with what he termed as a "Tennessee GPS System" :)

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