Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hinson Lake -24 hr race

More to follow - but here is a quick summary of the Hinson Lake 24 hour race.

  • Approx 81.5 miles in 24 hrs - happy with that!! Previous 24 hr PR, 64.9 miles)
  • 50 miles up in 12:18
  • Blisters after just 25 miles. Feet killing me -never had issues with blisters before, welcome to the world of hurt Jimbo
  • It is a damn long way from 65 to 75 miles, it seemed to take forever.
  • Pity party after 77.5 miles where I quit, and went to my tent, devestated that I couldn't make it to 24 hours, and get above 80 miles.
  • Decided to have another go with 45 minutes left, and ran last four miles in imitation WalMart crocs - 11 minute pace, the fastest of the 24 hours, go figure.
  • Many lessons learnt -and mistakes made
  • Awesome race.


  1. Congrats Jimbo! Enjoy your recovery! Remember you get it done by doing it!

  2. Jimbo,

    Excellent job! Sorry about the blisters but I would suggest that comes with ultra's sometimes.

    Yesterday I got blisters after about 5 miles (probably because I rushed putting on my socks because I was "only" running a 40 miler:-).

    80+ miles is very respectable and definitely will provide you with some confidence building experience before Umstead 100.

    Happy Running,

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  4. (reposting to fix a spelling error)
    Congrats! For the second year in a row I quit soon after 50 miles and drove home to sleep. So I admire your toughness. I don't have that yet.

    I can't recognize you very well from the pictures. I was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt with black Adiddas soccer shorts with 3 white stripes down each side. If we spoke, let me know. I'm sure we probably passed each other several times.

    Its a great event though isn't it? 'Run as you please'. I love it.

    Oh, and try DryMax socks. Since switching to them (thanks Jamie), I have never had a single blister. I finally got my first this Saturday, but it was between my big toe and second - not the socks fault. My feet and body feel better than after any single marathon or longer race ever. I worked in the yard for a few hours and went on a 30 minute run today. Try a few pairs of them...

  5. Hi Jamie

    I like that expression because I think sums up the attitude you need in the 24 hour format. Unlike say in a point to point long race, it is very easy to call it quits in a short loop timed run, beacuse whether you do 3 miles or 100+, there is no such thing as a DNF.


    This has given me a lot more confidence for a 100 (my first is actually at Boulder, next month - YIKES!), but at the same time has made me more nervous, because I know now how painful it can be! I have a whole new level of respect (fear??) for any distance above say 100K.


    I will definitely be there next year, it is a great race. I think I recognize you from your blog, you lapped me several times early on.

    I am a big fan of Drymax, and this is the first time I have suffered with Blisters. I am putting it down to trashed shoes, and a stupid mistake before the race had even started - watch this space!


  6. Oh yea, lol, I was wearing the same clothes as in my profile picture.

    My biggest mistake (of many) was when I was close to making the leaderboard, I started racing for that instead of doing my own thing. I spent 6 hours tied with 10th place on laps, but they beat me to the line so I didn't make the list. 6 hours straight of pushing it. Got me to 50 miles in 10 hours, got me to quit not long after that, lol. Oh the things we learn...

    Good luck in your first 100. I have to continue to work on my mental strength...I am definitely not strong enough in the head for that yet.