Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grand Teton Races - some pictures

Ashley grabbing a bite - way before I knew that
I would end up pacing her.

Sister Mary Beth on her way to finishing the 50 miler

The Tetons

I think this was the actual "Mill Creek"

And that would be a Grand Teton

Tetons in the distance - this was part of the
3+mile uphill climb on the road

George and Frankie


  1. Great pictures of a great weekend, Jim. Thanks again so much for taking the place of my sorry ass and coming through huge by pacing Ashley. You did a great job of getting her through for the win and a course record.

    Have fun at Hinson next weekend!

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the comment - I enjoyed meeting y'all in WY, and thanks for the well wishes for Hinson at the weekend.

    I have that wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I once heard described as a cross between the excitement of a 5 year old on Chritmas eve, and a condemned man facing his execution. I just need to get started!

    Look forward to our paths crossing again sometime.